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About Vietnam Causes

The Vietnam Causes website was launched in October 2013 to facilitate the search for local not-for-profit organizations on the Internet.

Since April 2017, a completely new version of the website was released, integrating the ability to search for volunteer opportunities which previously operated on a separate website www.bluebees.org. The new version of the website also had many other new features, including funding opportunities, and a community hub for NPO events and resources on community philanthropy.


Why Vietnam Causes?

We believe that information is key to a happier community. If you are informed about social problems in your neighborhood, you will want to help. Information can also help you take action. If you are informed of specific needs in your neighborhood, you will be able to invest your available time and resources in the most effective way.


With that in mind, Vietnam Causes aim to:

     • Present current social problems, causes that exist in Vietnam;

     • Raises awareness about local, not-for-profit organizations addressing these causes;

     • Share information about volunteer opprtunities and projects seeking funding;

     • Serves as a platform for a two-way exchange of information between people who can help and people who need help.


Take a deeper look inside… let us help you make the change you want to see in Vietnam!





Community-oriented individuals and businesses who are looking to support a cause they care about and/or to just make Vietnam a better place to live or work.





Not-for-profit organizations


Local charity and not-for-profit organizations looking for help, whether it is in-kind donations, financial donations or volunteer support. Organizations must not be seeking funding for religious nor political purposes.



Find NPOs

In the Nonprofits Directory, you can search for nonprofits by field of activity, location, or the name of the organization. If you come across an organization you are interested in, you can click the “Follow” button to receive a notification everytime the organization posts a new volunteer opportunity, funding project or event.


Searching for volunteer opportunities

Do you have experience and want to use your skills and expertise to help the community? The Volunteer Opportunities is the place for you. When you find the right opportunity, click the “Contact” button and leave a message for the organization!


Community Information Updates

The Community Hub is where you can find information about upcoming NPO events, articles, and other resources that will help you in your efforts to build and support your community.


Donate to a project

If you are able to contribute financially, in kind, or social capital through network and connetion, please visit the Funding Opportunities. Here, you can search for projects that are in need of support. If you find a project you care about, you can press the “Contact” button and leave a message to the organization!



A vibrant and effective third sector is vitally important for Vietnam’s continuing progress. Over the past decade, increasing numbers of local not-for-profit organizations have taken the initiative to provide social services to vulnerable populations and address needs in a particular community.


These organizations include social relief organizations, social and charitable funds, associations, scientific and technological organizations and volunteer groups.


Unfortunately, the majority of these nonprofits are not currently positioned to play a major role in moving the country forward because:

• The current legal framework is not sufficiently comprehensive or facilitating for effective nonprofit operations.

• Most have limited funding, impacting their ability to expand, let alone sustain their activities nor invest in capacity building for their team.

• Many are small and inexperienced, and lackaccess to resources on best practices for effective nonprofit operations.

• Donors are typically reluctant to contribute funds to support the operational costs of a local nonprofit, limiting their ability to focus on long-term goals.

• Fundraising from overseas involves a bureaucratic approval process while the legal guidance for local fundraising has not been written.

• There is a lack of coordination and communication among nonprofits and between nonprofits and prospective donors and volunteers.

Meanwhile, looming precariously overheadis the planned departure of funds to Vietnam frombilateral and multilateral aid agencies and international organizations now that Vietnam is considered a middle-income country. Some donor organizations have already phased out theiroperations in Vietnam while others plan to do so over the next couple of years (e.g., Ford Foundation, Terres de Hommes Lausanne, DFID).

It is LIN’s hope that the Vietnam Causes website can help our stakeholders to overcome some of these barriers by leveraging existing resources, facilitating the introduction and coordination of strategic partners and setting up systems that offer greater transparency for all stakeholders.



We sincerely thank all our sponsors and volunteers for supporting Vietnam Causes since 2013. Special thanks go to the following donors who made generous contribution, in cash or in-kind, to the new version of VietnamCauses:

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